Annual IOP Statistics Summary 2022


• 100% of reviewed charts had ROI’s filled out and signed. This is an increase from 2021.
• 100% of reviewed files had family involvement from start to finish or family involvement was offered to the IOP participant.
• Overall, the total average of Quality-of-Life Scores was 3.6, meeting the goal of 3.6. This has been maintained from 2021.
• Noticeably Improved Depression (53%) and Anxiety (51%) scores on average across all IOPs on empirically based measures. This is an increase in both areas from 2021.


• 85% (goal was 90%) of files had comprehensive orientation completed with ROIs, consent to treat, pre-screens, financial agreement, interpretive summaries. Goal will remain at 90%.
• Interpretive summaries were missing in several files. In 2021, 94% of files had summaries but in 2022, the number decreased to 91%. Goal for 2023 will be 100%.