Michael Pollak, PCC-S, LICDC

A Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, Michael Pollak provides Intensive programming individual and family therapy to chemically dependent adolescents and adults. Additionally, he provides mental health therapy for young adults. Prior to forming The Behavioral Wellness Group, he worked with Psychological & Behavioral Consultants and Laurelwood Counseling Center for 17 years.

He earned his Master of Education degree from Cleveland State University, where he specialized in community agency counseling, and his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University. He pioneered a Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for both Laurelwood Counseling Center and Psychological & Behavioral Consultants. This unique approach combines evidence-based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) with a traditional 12-step treatment model. Therefore, clients learn to utilize both DBT and 12-step tools in a supportive environment while receiving ongoing feedback regarding their progress.

I take great pride in seeing my clients succeed on this journey. My focus is to encourage each client to find the desire and courage to get well. In my experience, I have found that when we combine our efforts, this challenging journey gets easier.

Michael Pollak, PCC-S, LICDC
Dual Diagnosis IOP Director


Dual Diagnosis IOP Director

8224 Mentor Avenue, Suite 208
Mentor, Ohio 44060


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Testimonial Disclosure Statement: Testimonials herein are unsolicited, anonymous and are received after care has been received in an attempt to assure healthy therapy relationships and confidentiality.

"Michael Pollak (Diagnosis IOP) giving people a place where they do not feel judged and can openly talk about difficult situations they’re enduring. Allowing group feedback is also a beautiful way to hear different outlooks. Great program, great people!!"

"The program, (Michael Pollak, Dual Diagnosis IOP) was amazing. The leadership from Mike was top notch. The program made me feel so included and welcomed."

"Michael Pollak (Dual Diagnosis IOP) Creating an environment of support and respect that encourages recovery. Thank you so much for helping me! I'm so glad I did the program."

"I am gonna miss group (Michael Pollak, Dual Diagnosis IOP) so much. The support & love they give me does so much for my mental health. It is the only place I can just be me & tell people everything. When I was at my lowest, the group gave me power to push through."

"Michael Pollak (Dual Diagnosis IOP) I felt heard, and my feelings acknowledged with no judgment or criticism. I was listened to and then provided feedback and tools to overcome some of the obstacles I face in my day to day. I learned a lot of interpersonal effectiveness skills that we’d continue to practice between sessions which made it easier to learn what works for me, and then apply to my daily life. Michael is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to work with each individual. Thank you so much for everything. I was hesitant to open up initially but feel that I was provided a safe space to discuss my issues and learn how to overcome and deal with effectively. I still have work to do, but I feel I am in the best position I can be in to continue my ongoing path to being the best mom I can be."

"Michael Pollak (Dual Diagnosis IOP) the ability to discuss my daily problems/obstacles/situations in detail has led me to substantially deal, accept and tackle anything that comes my way with a complete sober mind. This has led to vast improvements in every aspect of my life. ….I loved the program and think it could be useful to anyone. I can’t thank Mike and Saul enough on the services provided. I came in here on my own, out of pocket and wouldn’t have spent my money another other way!! I reached levels of confidence that I haven’t felt in years. I trust myself and enjoy sobriety to the fullest. I also learned that emotion pain and suffer will always be there BUT now I possess more than enough tools & wisdom to handle any negatives I face. This program is something special and can lead anyone who desires growth to fantastic results!!"

(Michael Pollak, Dual Diagnosis IOP) “Mike was absolutely fantastic. I felt like he really wanted
me to succeed, really got to know me, he is a wonderful listener. Mike also challenged me when
I relapsed in a gentle but accountable way that inspired my resolve to stay sober. I loved
learning new skills to help me take care of myself and stay sober. This IOP saved my life. This
group was a godsend after my major mental health crisis I learned to stay sober and obtained
skills to take care of myself. I felt supported and cared for, and Mike was genuine, and I could
tell he was rooting for me to succeed. I highly recommend BWG for any mental health


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