The Behavioral Wellness Group is proud to include Teletherapy as part of the vast array of services we provide. We have become aware that in several instances, most recently with the pandemic, that this platform is needed more now than ever. Through this platform, we allow our very important relationship to continue! Benefits of Teletherapy:

  • Can be accessed from a Desktop, Laptop, or Smart Phone
  • The location of the session is entirely up to the client
  • No commute time
  • The client will almost always be able to attend the session which avoids unnecessary breaks in therapy
  • This is particularly helpful for students who are away from home and need to connect with a therapist. (Click here to read a brochure about our sister company,

Once signed up, we provide a link that will be emailed to each client. We are currently working with Zoom’s HIPAA compliant platform. The client will simply click on that link which will allow them into their clinician’s virtual waiting room. The clinician will start that session shortly afterwards and off they go! It is simple and we are finding that it is an incredibly important service as well. Welcome aboard!