Ten Years of Health and Wellness

After 10 years of running my IOP, I wanted to update you on the Health and Wellness IOP. It is appropriate for those who:

  • Struggle with Depression/Anxiety/Emotional Issues and/or concomitant Medical Conditions/Pain, acute or chronic
  • Are on Medical Leave from work or school, short or long-term
  • Need Disability Forms Completed
  • Struggle with Poor Coping
  • Desire to Increase Health and Wellness
  • Are Isolated from potential sources of support

Analyses of Pre and Post screenings show an average decrease of 75% in anxiety and depression as well as significantly improved quality of life. Pre and Post Pain Inventories show less impact of pain on enjoyment of life/mood/relations with others/ sleep/ ambulation/ general activity/ ADLs

Paperwork is often required of providers. I will complete disability and FMLA paperwork. I will also coordinate said paperwork with other treating providers.

Acute or chronic conditions include but are not limited to anxiety and depression, panic, pain, heart and arterial diseases, arthritis, disc/spinal/other orthopedic issues, MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, pre and post-surgical or bariatric issues, Crohn’s disease/irritable bowel/other GI disorders, endocrine disorders, nonadherence with medical/pharmacological regimens, needle phobias, smoking and weight management issues, somatization, cancer, hepatitis C, gynecological issues, sleep disorders and HIV.

Please keep the Health and Wellness IOP in mind for anyone who desires to focus on health and wellness and would benefit from that level of care.

Thanks for your continued confidence and support.

John A. Glovan, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist Clinical Counselor
Director, Health and Wellness Program
Co-Founder, The Behavioral Wellness Group