Self Care During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a time of many mixed emotions that can range from excitement to anxiety. During the 10 months of time leading up to your child being born, it can be helpful to create a routine to take care of yourself and your growing baby bump. Below are some tips that can help you to feel as prepared as you can leading up to your child being born:

  • Attend childbirth and/or parenting education classes at your local hospital or online which can help reduce some of your nerves that come with parenting
    • Safety classes like CPR/First aid for children can be particularly helpful to have the skills necessary to care for your child
  • Create a support network of people who you feel comfortable sharing your pregnancy news with. This may be limited to a small number of people at first until you feel comfortable sharing with a larger network of family and friends. This way you can have a trusted support network early on to ask for help or guidance throughout your pregnancy.
  • Create an exercise routine that can help with hormonal changes that come up throughout your pregnancy. Be sure to check with your doctor continuously regarding your exercise routine and trust your instincts if you feel as though your body is changing and is limiting your previous work outs. Give yourself permission to take a break or adjust your routine to add in yoga, walking or swimming which can be easier on your body as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Work with your doctor and/or nutritionist to create a meal plan that is appropriate for your changing body during pregnancy which includes prenatal vitamins to ensure your baby is getting the supplements they need as they are growing.
  • Explore different websites/apps/podcasts that can help to learn information about the stages of your pregnancy. Some pregnancy resources are:, Baby Center, Web MD Pregnancy App, What to Expect, Sprout, Expectful
  • Find meditations or a hypnobirthing class to learn relaxation and imagery techniques that can help you during pregnancy and your upcoming labor. Some meditation resources are: Mind the Bump, Expectful, Headspace, Insight Timer, Sanity and Self, Calm, Calm Birth, Sway, and Simple Habit.
  • Join a group of expecting Moms to have support from others who are goingthrough similar situations as you. Some ways to connect to others within your community is through Facebook groups,, your by googling Mom groups in your community.
  • Connect with a doula who can provide support throughout pregnancy and delivery. Doulas provide educational information about birth and pregnancy and give emotional and physical support to you and your partner throughout the process.
  • Check with your Primary Care Doctor, Psychiatric Medication Prescriber and OBGYN regarding current medications you are taking to ensure that you can take them during pregnancy.

It can be helpful during your pregnancy journey to set up an appointment with a licensed therapist who can provide additional resources and support during your 10 months of pregnancy. To set up an appointment with a licensed therapist you can contact our front office staff at 440-392-2222.

Stephanie Cerula, LPCC
Clinical Counselor
The Behavioral Wellness Group