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Spotlight on Wellness: Celebrating a Decade of Distinctive Care with The Behavioral Wellness Group

Located in the heart of Mentor, Ohio, The Behavioral Wellness Group (BWG) stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in the field of mental health care. This year, as they approach their 10th anniversary in June, BWG reflects on a decade dedicated to transforming lives and fostering wellness in the community.

Founded by two close friends united by a vision to offer unparalleled mental health services, BWG has evolved into a thriving practice. From its inception, the goal was clear: to provide a spectrum of therapy options that go beyond the offerings of a typical counseling center. Today, BWG proudly offers a comprehensive suite of services, including virtual and in-person individual therapy, intensive outpatient group therapy, cutting-edge psychological testing, and expert medication management.

What sets BWG apart is its commitment to innovation and effectiveness. The practice employs a diverse range of therapeutic techniques, adeptly addressing the needs of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Noteworthy among their offerings is the use of virtual reality in psychological testing, a testament to their embrace of technology in enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of BWG‘s philosophy. The group extends learning opportunities to students from nearby colleges and universities, nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation FacilitiesBWG meets the highest standards in the profession, a testament to their excellence and dedication.

BWG‘s commitment extends to the local Veterans Administration and first responders, offering specialized care to those who have served. Their collaboration with school systems is another pillar of their community involvement, aiding students in overcoming challenges and achieving their full potential.

The impact that BWG has made and continues to make on the Mentor community and beyond is palpable. As they celebrate this milestone anniversary, BWG looks forward to continuing its mission of providing innovative and effective mental health care.

For those seeking compassionate, comprehensive mental health servicesThe Behavioral Wellness Group is more than a practice—it’s a partner in the journey toward wellness. Discover more about their unique approach to care at and, or reach out directly to one of their Intake Specialists to start your journey toward better mental health today.

The Behavioral Wellness Group – stands as a testament to what dedicated, innovative care can achieve. Here’s to another decade of making a difference, one individual at a time.

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