Karen Ekeh, M.Ed, MSW, LSW

Karen Ekeh [she/her] is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who is supervised by Erin Pawlak, LPCC-S and Vicki Moore-Holzhauer, MSSA, LISW-S. She provides individual counseling to children and adolescents (8+) and young adults (18-25). Her areas of focus include depression, anxiety, stress management, interpersonal issues, school-related issues, bereavement/grief, and trauma. Karen’s therapeutic style is compassionate, adaptive, and affirming of all walks of life. She incorporates CBT, mindfulness, solution-focused, motivational interviewing, and person-centered modalities to provide a unique therapeutic experience for each client.

Karen earned her Bachelor of Science in Geography from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Masters of Social Work with a focus in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and a Certificate in Trauma-Informed Practice from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Karen completed her internship placements with the Social
Advocates for Youth (SAY) Program at Bellefaire JCB in Shaker Heights, OH and University Health and Counseling Services at CWRU in Cleveland, OH. In her free time, Karen enjoys crocheting, reading cozy mysteries and science-fiction, As well as kickboxing, a new hobby. Karen loves to spend time exploring Cleveland and getting together with friends and family.

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers." - Fred Rogers

Karen Ekeh, M.Ed., MSW, LSW


8224 Mentor Ave. Suite 208
Mentor, Ohio 44060





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