CARF Accreditation 2022

Glovan Pollak and Associates, dba: The Behavioral Wellness Group is very pleased to share with you that our programs are CARF Re-Accredited for the maximum allowable of Three years, until June 30, 2025! This is a testament to our commitment in meeting and exceeding the most stringent of professional standards!

The Surveyors had many positive things to say in their report, including:

  • BWG’s has a strong leadership team that focuses on the deliverance of quality services and program expansion.
  • The staff’s training is thorough, varied, and competency based.
  • As noted by referral sources, BWG is the preferred provider of intensive outpatient services in the area.
  • The clients and families served express great appreciation for the organization, describing its services as “lifesaving”.
  • Its primary strengths include leadership, strategic planning, collection of input from stakeholders, implementation of input, data collection, and performance improvement activities.
  • BWG is in an accessible location offering many virtual options. They offer 6 IOPs and 2 aftercare groups with flexible days to serve defined populations to enhance access to needed services.
  • The organization provides evidence-based, skill based, and recovery-oriented services, This blended service model offers flexibility to staff and clients.
  • The leadership is very knowledgeable, team oriented and professional. The management team has a history of hard work and a vision to expand services.
  • BWG has a well-developed and user friendly web site.
  • The clients and family members served expressed great appreciation for the organization’s life-saving services and staff members that are dedicated to their well-being
  • Referral sources identified BWG as the “preferred source for intensive outpatient services”

A sincere expression of gratitude once again for being a huge part of our CARF Re-accreditation. We truly appreciate the part that all of you play in making BWG an outstanding organization. Please know that BWG is committed to exceeding standards in the industry, and we truly appreciate how you have assisted us in actualizing our Mission and Vision for the Company as we move forward in providing the very best in quality of care.

Thank You To All of You!!